Speaking & Teaching

Dr. Nicotera has served as keynote presenter for organizations such as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Family Connections, and the National Association of Social Workers of New Jersey. He has provided workshops, seminars, and presentations on the application of the Circle of Insight process nationally and internationally and at universities, businesses, professional associations and conferences, and civic and community organizations.

Presentation and workshop topics have included: leadership development; nonprofit management; social justice and social work pedagogy and practice; law and social work; race, bias, and cycles of socialization and liberation; policy advocacy; and the intersection of Catholic Social Thought and social work, and spirituality and social work.

Dr. Nicotera has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and management, academic and practice, community-based, educational, and clinical settings. He offers insightful, engaging, transformative sessions that combine his practice and research expertise in areas such as policy, clinical practice, race, law, and spirituality with real-world applications. His work reflects a deep commitment to fostering peace, justice, and transformative love.

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