Circle of Insight

A Process for the Practice of Peace, Justice, and Transformative Love

Understanding the Circle of Insight

Integrating wisdom from indigenous peacemaking and healing circles, restorative justice processes, liberation pedagogy and theology, social science inquiry, and philosophical and spiritual traditions.

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Circle Process

Circle Process

The center of the circle is that toward which the Circle process moves, namely, deeper insight, interconnection, justice, peace, and transformative love.


The initial phase of the Circle of Insight invites deep looking, listening, and absorbing reality with all of one’s senses, from a neutral standpoint, much like an investigative reporter or detective.


The second phase of the Circle of Insight serves as a lens for critical reflection on reality as observed in the first phase of the Circle. It is done with head and heart, intellect and empathy, applying learning and learning in the process of reflecting.


The third phase of the Circle of Insight invites deliberate, dialectical, open, purposeful, and enlightening action informed by the Circle’s first two phases.

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